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Everybody moves here.

• Imagine doing your usual physiotherapy or fitness exercises in a warm-water pool without any pain or discomfort.
• Imagine a trained aqua -therapist motivating you to get well soon while she prods you gently to run on the under-water tread-mill at your own pace.
• Water is a great nurturer and science has effectively made use of the properties of water and its pain-reducing buoyancy to provide relief and comfort to millions of people on the globe struggling to maintain good quality of life.

Maximize Your Fitness With Aquamax

Aquamax centre in Mumbai, India is one of the most premium and easily accessible aquatic physiotherapy center which focuses on rehabilitation as well as on fitness of a person. Our Indoor Heated Pool is very well equipped with latest technologies including Aqua Cycle, Under water treadmill, Pool Lift, etc. We provide one-to-one as well as group therapy under supervision of an aquatic therapist.


Hear from some of clients, from all walks of life.

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