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About Us


We envision Aquamax to be regarded as the country’s most caring chain of wellness centres that will provide the world’s latest facilities for improving quality of life while being accessible and affordable.



Aquamax Wellness Centre shall meet its customers’ needs and expectations by designing its key and support processes around these evolving needs. We shall continually monitor our customers’ satisfaction with the quality of our care and services and continually improve technology, processes and our people’s competence to keep these aligned with our vision, mission and values.

Founder's Profile

Dr Chandni A Mehta

Bpth ,CCE (USA)
Aquatic physiotherapist
Certified cupping KIASTM n dry needling therapist
Manual therapist
M.I.A.P and OTPT reg.

Physiotherapy is a lifelong commitment for Dr. Chandni A. Mehta. Her work experience involves diverse practice settings and patient populations. Throughout her early years of professional work, she stuck to communities that would otherwise have not had the privilege of being attended to by competent practitioners and where she could engage with a diversity of multiple urban and semi-urban patients.


She is determined to use her competencies for fostering holistic living and wellness, to measurably improve quality of life—even for patients with permanent injuries or progressive diseases. Aqua Hydrotherapy would be a step forward in this direction for her.

Mr Mihir N Apte

A Robotics engineer by profession , he has been a serial entrepreneur and has been credited with converting many Green Field projects into reality.


Mihir brings in his vast experience of manufacturing of Mechanised Aquatic Equipment to the company. He has been involved in developing Turnkey Aquatic Projects for clients across the country.


He holds the responsibility of day to day management , marketing and Networking amongst Trained Therapists in the organisation.

Our Supporter

Mr Ashish Mehta

MR. Ashish Mehta is the CEO of Elegance Realty which was established in 2011. Elegance Realty has been in the business of real estate development and investment Portfolio since the last 10 years. Mr. Ashish Mehta has groomed himself to be a Real Estate & Finance Consultant right from his childhood days. He started his Real Estate Career with renowned developer from which he inculcated the basic of Real Estate in to his core. Mr. Ashish Mehta has been a member of Area Group right since its inception and currently he is committee member of Area Group & also Co-Chairman for 6th Area Real Estate Conference. He is very passionate about Gymnastic & Fitness

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