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Make our Warming Waters your Wellness Waterfront.

Aquatherapy is not a fad or fashion-statement. It is a scientifically-proven therapy. In our pools, we control and maintain the temperature, water pressure and the movement of the water to give you the best possible bodily sensation and comfort to meet  your ultimate goal of pain-reduction, movement-enhancement and restore your mobility and overall wellness.

Conventional physiotherapy and exercise can be depressing, boring and painful sometimes.

For those wishing to rebound after an accident, injury, or surgery; for those looking at comfortable ways to manage chronic pain; for those meaning to make their exercise a relaxing experience, warm water aquatherapy has come as one of the best gifts of science and technology.


Aquamax exists not to replace conventional physiotherapy, but to amplify the outcomes of conventional physiotherapy and exercise by supplementing these interventions with the most pleasurable regimen of Aquatherapy.

For the ones who experience pain or discomfort during movement, or are having difficulties in balance and mobility, aquatherapy is an option worth considering. Doing conventional physiotherapy (on land) is dreaded by thousands and thousands of our beneficiaries as they consider it boring and painful, of course, for not very rational reasons. We humbly urge them to try including aquatic physiotherapy as part of their overall rehabilitation plan.

We say this because aquatic exercise-done in a painless manner- brings the same outcomes as land-based exercise in many conditions. Walking practice, fitness exercise, strengthening, flexibility, relaxation, balance or swimming can be undertaken even by those who are perfectly normal in health.

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